Well it’s been a while! I should probably just stop acknowledging my inconsistency with this blog but I’ve been feeling very inspired lately to write and shoot so I’ll take advantage of it while it lasts.

As I’m sure you all have heard, Calvin Klein has decided to shut down its collection brand and focus on the money, which seems to be the Calvin Klein underwear you see every girl on Instagram in. No shade, just not my taste. When Raf took over the reigns at Calvin Klein Collection and marketed it as 205W39NYC I was definitely intrigued, I saw a lot of things I liked but me being the budget girl I am I knew right away that it would not sell well and would be heavily discounted every sale cycle.

One of the skills I have developed is being able to determine which brands are actually worth their price point, surprise surprise, most aren’t. Especially when it comes to RTW, with the worlds general overconsumption of fashion, consumers don’t really keep items long and are more likely to cycle through clothes. For the average consumer, high price points don’t work when you’re just trying to get the latest fit off on IG.

For me this is a gift and a curse, I do value clothing but it is hard to find the brands that I like discounted simply because they refuse or the girls are on it and there’s nothing left. Additionally, when I spend more on a piece I always think about my ROI. Its harder for me to spend more on clothes when I know that although higher quality definitely renders longevity, higher quality doesn’t have to equal hundreds of dollars and the chance of me being able to keep it for as long as I feel like I would want to for the cost, isn’t likely.

This is why I splurge on shoes and bags that can handle the elements, the accidents, and someone like me who uses her things and doesn’t reserve them as trophies. This brings me to these Calvin Klein Claire boots. I’m sure you’ve seen them, many fashion gals and guys have them and they’re fucking dope! I found them on sale at Net-A-Porter for 50% off on Black Friday, I was unsure and broke at the time because I just bought a pair of Céline boots (that I ended up returning!) so they sold out before I could get my hands on them. Fast forward a month, my mom, niece, and I passed by the newly renovated 205W39NYC store and I made the mistake of trying them on, instantly falling in love and begging my mom to buy them for me as a Christmas present (priced at $995 I knew that wasn’t going to happen). So I immediately began doing what I do best, trying to find it elsewhere on sale: eBay alerts, The Real Real, Vestiare Collective, Barneys, Shopbop, oh my!

It wasn’t hard to find them, as I’m sure it still isn’t, but I found them in a lilac color at Nordstrom for $300, the MacGyver in my mind spoke up: “Buy them and dye them black!” And here we are, $1000 boots for $300 and a $30 dye job. There are still some flecks of purple that come through giving the boots a unique, distressed look that I love.