I’ve been reading a lot about the sustainability issue within fashion and just how much clothes end up in landfills each year and it’s pretty terrifying. I’m definitely a very proof based person and it’s hard for me to put stock into things that aren’t immediately affecting me but it’s something I’m challenging myself to do better with. I’m trying to be very intentional with everything that I purchase so that I can minimize waste as much as possible. Believe it or not I’m not a frequent shopper, I usually set my sites on a particular shoe or bag every few months and I don’t fuss with anything else. After redoing my apartment I felt like my wardrobe needed a little boost to match but being that I spent a bunch on housewares my funds were limited when it came to clothes. 

Luckily sample sales exist and I was able to snag these Rachel Comey trousers for $60. I love the wide leg and length and I know they will be a staple in my wardrobe. As for the top, I got it from Aritzia for $20 and snagged two other colors because I knew instantly seeing it online that they would work in every season. The material is super sheer and slinky which is perfect for this transitional period where in before summer. I’m sure the other colors will pop up on here soon enough. Purchasing transitional pieces allows me to maximize the use of my wardrobe and minimize waste because everything (besides coats) is wearable no matter the season. 

P.S I was really on the phone with my mom in the first photo 🤣 I wasn’t going to use it but I love the shot so much, Hey Mom!