ZARA Top Pants Shoes CHANEL Bag

ZARA Top Pants Shoes CHANEL Bag

I’ve really been in to monochromatic looks as of late. Being blonde has made me want to streamline my wardrobe more because no matter what I wear, my hair always stands out. I went into Zara recently just to pass the time and fell in love with this sweater, pants, and boots. 

l can’t remenber the last time I went into a high street store and actually fell in love with the clothes, it’s definitely a reminder that you don’t need a big budget to dress well. And while I have been trying to spend less on items that won’t be timeless in my closet I also realize it’s better to save money on trendier styles than to splurge.

I’ve been eyeing a pair of Isabel Marant snakeskin boots that look exactly like this for about a year and even second hand I haven’t been able to find for less than $400, for me, while snakeskin has been around for forever, I can’t say they appealed to me enough to spend that much money. These boots clocked in at only $90 and are so damn comfortable I’ve barely taken them off!